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Terms & Conditions

Privacy policy on digital platform of Makro (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.


Makro (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) has developed and provided online and digital services covering all types of online media that provide information services and online shopping to members, partners, shareholders and general public. The company who own the website, applications and all online services of the company is aware of the importance of personal information and always respect the privacy rights of all users.


Therefore, the company has collected member ID’s number of customers who used the company’s online channels and utilize those information to manage and improve news and information providing services and products/services advertisement for the company, Affiliates and the company business partners for efficiency and meets customers’ requirements. As well as utilizing the information for tracking and investigating the offense, fraud and security measures for customers. The company will keep the information for the duration that you access to the information services, news services and receive benefits from the company. And the company will delete the mentioned information when you cancel your online accounts you have with the company or when the company receive the notification from you. The company may disclose the said information to the relevant officials of the company to achieve the objectives of collecting, using and disclosing this information.


You can use the online services of the company to look for information and searching for the company products without revealing your identity or providing your personal information.  However, if you wish to use the services or access to curtain information such as product online purchasing and claiming various benefits through only channels etc. you’ll be requested to comply with terms and conditions specified in the privacy policy. You may need to disclose or provide your personal information such as your name, ID card number, telephone number, e-mail address or address etc. in order to be able to use the services or access information appropriately.


Incidentally, by using whichever online services of the company it’s considered you have agreed to accept and bound with the terms and conditions that state in this privacy policy. If you don’t wish to bound or abide by the privacy policy you may simply don’t use the service and leave the website, the application or online channel you’re accessing. If you have any inquiries, please contact the company at Call Center Tel (855) 23 977 355 Makro Sen Sok branch, Everyday from 08:00-17:00 hrs./ Tel (855) 63 900 123 Makro Siem Reap, Everyday from 09:00-17:00 hrs.


1.      Privacy policy introduction

1.1.      The company takes your personal information seriously. The company will comply with the laws of personal information security enforced to the company.

1.2.      During using the services or accessing curtain platforms of the company (as defined in the terms of service), the company will collect data including your personal information.

1.3.      This privacy policy is for informing you how the company processes and storages data which receive and collect during your access to the services or platforms. The company will collect, utilize and disclose the privacy information in accordance with the privacy policy only.

1.4.      It is important for you to read this privacy company and others enforced policy which identified by the company especially the policy about collecting your privacy information. So the customers are aware of how the data is collected and how your personal information is used.

1.5.      By clicking or checking out the “Registration” I agree to the privacy policy of the company or other similar massages defined on the company’s registration service page. The customer agrees that it has been informed and understood the conditions of this privacy company and the customer has agrees on the collecting and processing of the privacy data as described under these conditions.

1.6.      From time to time, the company may change the privacy policy. Any changes which may be made will be announced on the company’s website or other suitable platform or notifying customers by sending an e-mail or text massaging on mobile phone. While customers use the service to access platform or access to services including commands to make orders on platforms, commands to request benefits considered as acknowledgement and acceptance to the change that the company has made the change to the privacy policy as informed by e-mails or text massages. Please check your e-mail for any changes and amendments of the privacy policy.

1.7.      The privacy policy also applies to other announcements, contracts, and consensual massages about collecting data, using data and disclosing your privacy data to the company and will not be cancelled until the company specifies otherwise.

1.8.      You may visit the platform and browse the website without identifying your personal details. However, you have to sign up if you wanted to access the services. If you have comments, suggestions or complaints regarding to your personal information, please contact the company’s information officer via contact information provided on the company website.

2.       The personal data the company has collected from you.

2.1.      Privacy information means any information, whether it recorded in the form of document or not, in which the identification of individual information is clear or can be honestly and reasonably identified by the person who hold procession of the information or when combined with other information directly and can be identified clearly.

2.2.      The company will collect information from you as follow:

a.       Personally identifiable information such as your name, gender and birthday

b.      Contact information such as receipt shipping address, shipping address, e-mail and phone number.

c.       Financial information such as bank accounts, payment details

d.      Transaction information such as detail of payment made to you and by you, detail of products and services you buy from the company.

e.       Technical information such as IP Address, login information, type of browser and version, time and location configuration, connection and type of browser that used for connecting with the operating system and platform and other technologies on devices you use to access the platform.

f.       Personal information such as usernames and passwords, your orders or placing orders, interests, configuration, feedback and surveys responses.

g.      Using information such as your platform accessing information, products and services and

h.       Marketing information and communication such as the satisfaction when receiving marketing information from the company and the company’s partners and communication satisfaction.

2.3.      The company has received your personal information while you’re using the platforms and getting any services in the following cases:

a.       When you sign up for an account and/or membership with the company.

b.      When you sign up for any services or order any products available on the platforms.

c.       When you access the forms and functions appear on the company’s platforms and services.

d.      When you subscribe to any advertising medias or marketing collateral of the company

e.       When you participate in a competition, discounts or questionnaires.

f.       When you login with an account on the company’s platform or contact the company via the internal services or application, for example, Facebook and google and

g.      When you contact us offline including when you contact us via a customer service representative who is the company’s outsource.

2.4.      You must submit the personal information that is accurate not deceptive. You must inform the latest information and when changes are made. The company has the right to request you to send documents to confirm your personal information that you have provided as a part of company’s customer validation process.

2.5.      The company will collect your privacy information when you voluntarily agree to submit your privacy information to the company. But if you choose not to submit your privacy information to the company or later cancel your consent to the company to use your privacy information, the company cannot provide the services or access to the platforms.

2.6.      You may log in the system and update your personal information and send to the company at any time as described below.

2.7.      If you provide any third party personal information to the company, you assure and warrant that you have obtained the third party consent to share and deliver his/her personal information to the company for the company to collect, use or disclose the information in accordance with this privacy policy.

2.8.      If you use the company account via other social media accounts or link the company account with your other social media accounts or use company’s social media in other ways, the company has access to your personal information that you voluntarily provide to social media service providers in accordance with the provider’s policies. The company will handle your personal in accordance with this privacy policy.

3.      Use and disclosure of personal information

3.1.      The personal information which the company collects from you will be used by the company or share or deliver to the third parties (including related companies, third party service providers, the providers and companies related of the third parties and the third party vendors) partially or the whole for the following purposes:

a.        To facilitate the use of the service and access to the platform, including answering questions, suggestions, claims or disputes through third party customer service representatives.

b.      In order to process your orders through the platform whether the products are distributed by the company or third party vendors.

c.       Payment for products you’ve made on the platform whether distributed by the company or third party vendors will be handled by a representative of the company.

d.      Delivery of products that you’ve purchased on the platform whether sold by the company or third party vendors. The Company will send personal information to third parties in order to deliver the product to you (for example to carriers or the company's distributors), regardless of whether the products are sold on the platform by the company or third party vendors.

e.       To update the delivery status of the products to you whether the products are sold on the platform by the company or by third party vendors. For the purpose of supporting customers

f.       Compare data and confirm with third parties to ensure the accuracy of the information.

g.      To provide your accounting manager (if any) with the company.

h.      To verify and proceed a transaction of the payment that you’ve made online.

i.        To verify the downloaded information from the platform.

j.        To improve layouts or contents of the webpages on the platform and modify them for users

k.      To identify visitors on the platform.

l.        To conduct a research on demographic data and users behavior.

m.    To provide information that the company finds useful or that you request from the company, including information of third party vendors of products and services. By providing this information, you confirm that you do not intend to use it for these purposes.

n.      From receiving your consent according to all the laws that are applicable to the company, from time to time, the company may use your personal information to send marketing documents or sales promotion of products and services of the company or third party vendors. And the company may automatically make decisions for these purposes.

3.2.   You can unsubscribe from receiving marketing information at any time by using unsubscribe option in the electronic marketing content. The company may use your contact information to send letters from the company and from related companies.

3.3.   Exception, the company may have to disclose personal information. For example when there are reasons to believe that the disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, for the law enforcement purposes, to comply the law and to serve any requirements and claims.

3.4.   The company may share and allow the sharing of your personal information with third parties, for any purposes mentioned above. Including but not limited to facilitate the transaction services, to manage the accounting and the relationship between the company and you, to support marketing and to comply with any laws or requirements and claims that the company deems appropriate. By sharing your personal information to them, the company ensure that third parties will keep your personal information safe from people who are not authorized to access, store, use, disclose or similar risks and keep your privacy as long as they want to use personal information to achieve the above purposes.

3.5.   If you live in Kingdom of Cambodia, the company may transfer information or allow the transfer of your personal information to outside of Kingdom of Cambodia for the purposes set out in this privacy policy. In disclosing, transferring or authorizing the transfer of your personal information to third parties or affiliates located in foreign countries, the company will take steps to ensure that company who receives the data has the same or similar personal information protection standard as the personal information protection laws that apply to the company.

4.      Revocation of consent and deletion or making information anonymous.

4.1.   You may request revocation of your consent to use or disclose personal information for any purposes or in the manner specified above at any time or request to delete or make personal information anonymous by contacting the personal information protection officer as the contact details specified above.

4.2.   Please note that if you notify the revocation of consent to use or disclose personal information for the purposes or in the manner specified above or request the delete or make personal information anonymous, the company may not be able to provide products services or services to you or comply with any contracts you have with the company. The company will not take response if the company does not provide you products services or services or doesn’t comply with any contracts you have with the company. The company has legal rights and remedies. The company may reserve the reason for this causes.

5.      Amendment of personal information

5.1.   It is important that you must provide accurate personal information. You are responsible for notifying any changes of your personal information or in the event you believe that your personal information that the company has is incorrect, incomplete, misleading or outdated information. You can update your personal information at any time by logging in to your account on the platform. If you are unable to update personal information through your account, you can contact the personal information protection officer as the contact details provided above.

5.2.   The company has taken steps to share your updated privacy information with third parties and affiliated companies. The company only shares when considers that the information is still needed for the purposes specified above.

6.      Accessing to your personal information

6.1.   If you wish to request information about your personal information that the company has collected or have questions about the data collection methods has been used or disclosed by the company in the past year, please contact the personal information protection officer accordance to the contact details provided above. To expedite the processing of your request, it may be necessary to request additional information based on your request.

6.2.   The company reserves the right to charge processing fees for retrieving your personal information that has been recorded. If that is the case, the company will notify you of the processing fee before the company processes your request.

6.3.   The company will provide the feedback to your request as soon as possible. If the company does not respond to your request within twenty-one (21) days from the date you have submitted the request, the company will notify you in writing. If the company is unable to provide any personal information or unable to make the correction as your request, the company will notify you the reason that the company is unable to do so (unless the company does not need to process the request under the personal information laws applicable to the company).

7.      Security of your personal information.

7.1.   In order to protect your personal information from unauthorized persons accessing, storing, using, disclosing, reproducing, distributing, or similar risks of information, the company has implemented suitable physical and technical managements, for example

a.       Restricting access to personal information to those who need access.

b.      Install technology products to prevent unauthorized access to computers.

c.       Delete or not specify your personal information in accordance with the standards low enforcement when it is no longer needed for legal or business purposes, and uses 128 bit SSL (locking encryption) when processing your financial information.

7.2.   If you believe that your privacy has been violated by the company, please contact the privacy protection officers as contact details provided above.

7.3.   You should also be aware that there are no data transmitting method or electronic data storage methods on the internet completely secure. While the security can’t be guaranteed, the company will try to protect the security of the data and constantly check and improve security measures.          

7.4.   Your password is the key for accessing your account, please use numbers, letters and special symbols that are unique. And please do not share your password of the company’s account with anyone. If you share your password with other people, you are responsible for the actions taken under your name and its effects. If you lose control of your password, lose control of your personal information or other information submitted to the company, the company assumes that you are responsible and legally responsible for those actions. Therefore, if your password is changed for any reason or if you have a reasonable reason to believe that your password has been changed, you should contact the company and request to change your password immediately. The company reminds you to log out of your account and close the webpage page after you have used a shared computer.


8.      Maintaining of personal information.

8.1.   The Company will maintains your personal information for as long as necessary, required by the law or was necessary for the purposes of which it was maintained.

8.2.   The company will stop maintaining personal information or delete the information that is associated with you, as there are reasons to assume that such information maintaining is no longer for the purpose it had been maintained and there is no longer needs for the law or business purposes.

9.      Minor children under the age of 18 years.

9.1.   The company does not sell products to children under 20 years old or provide any services or use of the platform to children under 20 years old and the company does not maintain personal information related to children under 20 years old.

9.2.   If you are under 18 years old, you can use the website of the company with parents and under parents supervise.

10.  The data collecting of this information maintaining system is intended for the company be able to provide you services appropriately and meet your needs and to have the enhanced and efficient services. The data will be collected as necessary and what relevant to the purposes of the website only. The data that the company will collect may include your information as follows:

10.1.     Information that you provide to the company for registration, sign up for membership, receive the service including emails notifications and/or newsletters such as first-last name, email address, ID card number or telephone number etc.

10.2.     Companies or authorized service providers may use cookies, web beacons or other technology systems to collect data to be able to provide you better, faster, more secure and more private services when you use the service or use the platform.

10.3.     When you access the platform via your computers, mobile devices or other types of internet devices, server system of the company will record your access automatically. At any time you visit the website, your browser will send us information which may include as follows:

a.       IP Address of computer or communications equipment.

b.      Web browser type.

c.       The webpage you visited before you entered the company's platform.

d.      The pages within the platform you visited.

e.       The webpages within the website you visited.

f.       Referring sources, duration of visitation and the number of pages viewed.

g.      Time spent on the pages and searched information on the platform. Date and time spent and other statistical data.

h.      The amount of time you spent viewing the websites, product, or information you searched for, visited time and date and other statistical data.

i.        Contact information including the purchase of goods, services, giving comments or feedback.

10.4.     The data is collected for analysis and processing to improve the website, the services and products the company provides.

10.5.     Cookies [1] are small text files (most of which consist of letters and numbers) stored in the memory of your web browsers or devices when you access websites or view messages. This helps the company to get to know the devices or web browsers and helps the company to quickly adapt contents to your interests and make the services and platforms more useful and convenient for you.

§  [1] Cookies will be sent to the web browser, your application or on your devices when you visit the online services of the company or view messages. This program will help to make contact and remember your web browsers or devices which will help facilitate your use. If you do not wish to use the cookie program, you may set your web browser and application to refuse the program. However, refusing to use this cookie program may affect the completely use of the company's online services.

10.6.     You may manage and delete cookies via the web browsers or settings the configurations. For more information, see the help function of your web browsers and devices.          

10.7.     Web beacons are small graphics that may be included in the company's services and platforms. They helps the company to count the number of users who have viewed the pages so that the company can better understand your preferences and interests.

10.8.     The company will maintain your information for the curtain period of time specified by relevant laws or as necessary and appropriate of the purpose of information maintaining or provide you the services.

10.9.     In case the personal information you have provided has changed, you agree to give the company notification, update or revise the said information in accordance with the rules and procedures specified on the company's website so that your information is accurate and up to date at all times. Please be notified that if the information you have provided is incorrect, it may affect the company's services and the company is not responsible for any damage to you or third parties as a result of your failure to correct or update your information to be current and correct.

11.  Company's right to disclose personal information. You acknowledge and agree that the company has the right to disclose your personal information. In case there are government taxes regulations, law enforcement or to authorized officers or authorized owners, or in case there are reasonable reasons for the company to believe that the disclosure of personal information is necessary for the purposes of officiate or any collaboration whether voluntarily or ordered to cooperate with the investigation orders and/or as requested by those persons to the extent permitted by the applicable law. You agree to not take any action and/or waive your right to take any action to the company for the disclosure of personal information under these circumstances.

12.  The behavior of using information and your information disclosure, the company has the right to use, disclose or transfer the personal information that you have provided to third parties. However, this must be done for the benefit of providing services to you and to managing the online services of the company only which includes developing and improving the websites, social media applications and online services of the company in order to respond to user requirements.

12.1.  To enable the use of the company’s online services.

12.2.        To respond to your order for products or services on the website applications on iOS and Android as well as payment for goods and shipping.

12.3.  To communicate general information with you or to notify you when there’s someone requests it.

12.4.  In case there’s business transferring, the information of users in the system considered as property that must also be transferred.

12.5.  To disclose information in accordance with the requirements of the legal processes, the order of the court or the authorities having the legal authority.          

12.6.  To disclose information to protect legal rights of both the company and third parties.

13.  Website of third parties may contain links that link to other websites operated by third parties such as affiliated company, shop or payment transactions services. The company is not responsible for the privacy protection of such third parties websites. The company recommends that you review the privacy policies of those websites to see how they manage the information collected from you.

14.  Transferring to third-party websites. Online services of the company may be included links or links that transfer to other websites or online services that belongs to third parties for the purposes of facilitating the visitation of websites only. These websites may collect your personal information that the company is not involved in or is responsible for the maintaining of such information or the privacy policy of these websites or their applications in any way. Thus, the company recommends you to carefully read and review the privacy policies of these websites or applications before you continue to use the services.

15.  Information that is the rights or the properties of the Company. Information that appears on online services whether it is websites, applications or other online media is provided by the company for informational providing purposes only. All information including the text and images that appear on all types of online media protected by copyright law and other relevant intellectual property laws. No one may publish, reference, copy, reproduce or modify all or a part of the information by any means without consent in writing from the company. Illustrations, photography, drawing from computer and any other information that appears on online media is the property of the company or is the right of the company that is legally licensed by the copyright owner. Taking pictures (photos, illustrations, drawings from computers, etc.) from online media must have written permission from the company first.

16.  Changes to the privacy policy. The company reserves the right to change, amend or improve the privacy policy at any time as it deems appropriate without any notices in advance. The company will notify the change or amendment as mentioned on the website which you can check at any time.

Security of your personal information. The company ensure that all data collected will be maintained safely and strictly accordance with security standards. If you have a reason to believe that your personal information has been violated or have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact Member Services at Call Center Tel (855) 23 977 355 Makro Sen Sok branch, Everyday from 08:00-17:00 hrs./ Tel (855) 63 900 123 Makro Siem Reap, Everyday from 09:00-17:00 hrs.


Terms and Conditions of the use of  Makro Digital Services (Online Services of Makro (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.)


Makro (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company ") has created and provided online and digital services covering all types of online media. Purpose is for the company's customers to be able to access services on online media and digital services more conveniently such as websites, application and social media etc. For your own benefit, please read the terms and conditions of use of the online service carefully before using the company online services. If you have any questions you can contact the company at Call Center Tel (855) 23 977 355 Makro Sen Sok branch, Everyday from 08:00-17:00 hrs./ Tel (855) 63 900 123 Makro Siem Reap, Everyday from 09:00-17:00 hrs.

Viewing or accessing any services through the online services of the company considered you has agreed to be bounded by these terms and conditions of use. In case you disagree and do not agree to be bounded by these terms and conditions of use, please refrain access to the company's online services in all channels.

1.      Subscription

1.1. Online services of the company provides services for both registered users of Makro members and general users who can receive benefits from online activities, order products or participate in promotional activities has been held on websites, applications, social media or other online channels. Incidentally, the benefits may vary depending on the type of your Makro membership or the company's online service channels.

1.2. Registration for membership of the company’s online service must provide accurate personal information, true, complete and current. When the information is changed, you will have to update that information and keep it up to date. The company will manage personal information in accordance with the privacy policy of the company.

1.3. Signing up for membership and using the online services of the company in all channels, you must be 18 years old or older.

1.4. Steps in case you do not have a mobile phone number, you must contact Makro branch that you have applied for membership to fill out the information and request for personal information update. The system will update the information so you can access the online services of the company.

1.5. Checking the accuracy of personal information after registering the membership to access the system for the first time, you will have to confirm your identity via mobile phone.

1.5.1. Mobile phone channel via OTP (One Time Password). The online service of the company will send a short massage (SMS - Short Message Service) to your number before being able to use the online services of the company.

1.6. For those who do not have a Makro membership card or have never been a Makro card membership before, after you have registered for membership through one channel of the company’s online services, the system will automatically apply a Makro card membership for you. You can check your membership card number through the company online service channels. You can get the membership card at the branch you have chosen during the registration.

1.7. The company reserves the right to suspend services and/or withdraw your membership of online services of the company immediately without advance notice if the company aware or detect that you provided false information in the registration, have inappropriate behavior, legally contrary, contrary to the morals or there are reasons to believe that you use the online services of the company with deliberate fraud.

2.   Product details, prices and order. The company has provided product details and prices for you to refer as your initial information for product purchase decisions making. When you have made a decision to purchase a product or service and have followed the product purchase method, please review and check the product details and the shipping location shown on the screen before clicking to confirm the order


After you clicked confirm the purchase, it will be considered that you have agreed to the company to sell products to you. However, you acknowledge that the company will be able to sell only the products that the company has to you. The company cannot guarantee that the products listed in the company’s online services will be available, including price changes that may occur due to technical errors or there are a lot of orders coming in at the same time or there is changed of a price while you follow an invitation link to the company. By clicking confirm the order through the company’s online services, the company will consider it as a notification of the quantity of the product at the price you want only. The company will confirm the number of the products that available and can be delivered to you, including the price of the products that you have to pay on the invoice/order notification which is considered as a quotation to sell the company's products. The company will send a payment notification/purchase notification to your e-mail that you have provided in the membership system.


In case the products availability are not the full amount as your confirmed order or price changed, the company will notify you. If you insist on purchasing the products as much as the company has, the company will process the refunds or invoice the difference amount of money in accordance with the conditions that company makes an offer to sell products to you and for you to pay for the products. If the company does not have the products advertised in the prospectuses, the company will try to recommend other similar products to you which you can cancel the purchase of the product without any charge if you found the proposed product does not meet your wishes. In this case, the company does not take any responsibility.


Once you have paid the price of the product, it is considered that you acknowledge, satisfied and accept the product as details and specified specifications. The company does not confirm or guarantee that the product will be suitable for your business or any specific purposes of yours. If you are not sure or need more information to make sure that the products you wish to purchase suitable for business or meet your wishes, you can get information by calling Call Center Tel (855) 23 977 355 Makro Sen Sok branch, Everyday from 08:00-17:00 hrs./ Tel (855) 63 900 123 Makro Siem Reap, Everyday from 09:00-17:00 hrs. before deciding to purchase. You acknowledge that any prices and promotion (sales promotion) on the company's online services will be valid only for purchasing products through the company’s online services only. It cannot be used with the purchasing at the company's branches.

3.      Payment of products or service fees via online payment system on the company's online services, you will have to complete the payment process and the system will display result that your order has been successfully completed. In case your payment has not been approved by the payment service provider you selected, the company has the right to cancel your order.

4.      Conditions for receiving and changing or returning products.

4.1. Conditions for receiving the product. You must check the accuracy and condition of the product before signing receive the product. After receiving the product, the company will not be responsible for any defects or damages that occurs to the products. It is considered that the delivery of the product is completed when you or your attorney has signed to receive the product.

4.2. Conditions for changing or returning products. In case you wish to change or return the products, the company may consider changing or returning the products in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the company in case the products that you wish to exchange or returns are in complete condition. You must contact the company’s branch that you receive the products from within 7 days after the date you’ve received the products to request to change or return products


The company reserves the right to not change the products if the company finds that the products are used improperly, wrong using purposes or the products are damaged by your own fault. Returning the product within 7 days after receiving the products can be done under the warranty terms. In which you must contact the suppliers/manufacturer of that products directly.


5.      Shipping terms. If you order by using the company's delivery service, the company’s staff will call you at the telephone number provided during the payment process to arrange the delivery schedule. You cannot change the address or shipping address once the payment has been completed. Therefore you must make sure the address or shipping address is correct before paying the payment.


The company reserves the right for certain products that may require a period of time to waiting for the products from the manufacturers or distributors which may result in the delivery of products to exceed the specified period. The company’s staff will call to notify the customers of the delivery schedule. The company will deliver the products when receiving proof of the payment confirmation from the customers. In case that the products has not been received within 3 days after the company confirmed the shipment, please call the Call Center Tel (855) 23 977 355 Makro Sen Sok branch, Everyday from 08:00-17:00 hrs./ Tel (855) 63 900 123 Makro Siem Reap, Everyday from 09:00-17:00 hrs.


The company may not be responsible for late deliveries due to force majeure that is beyond the control of the company. In case the company unable to deliver the products to you for any reasons such as no recipients at the place of delivery or the person residing at the place of delivery rejects the products, you need to pick up the products at the company later.


6.      Shipping fee. You can check for the shipping cost at which is online channel to check the company's shipping charges.


7.      Intellectual property. The company is the owner of the company's online services, websites, applications and social media, etc. The company owns and/or authorized to utilize licensed work, copyrighted work, trademark and any intellectual property rights (hereinafter referred to as "intellectual property") in the texts, images, designs and works of any other intellectual property in all of our online services.


You, as a visitor and/or a user responsible for complying the laws, having good ethics including following these terms and conditions strictly. You agree not to take any actions which is copy, modification, download, distribution, or public release of any images, text, and/or any other intellectual property on the websites in a manner that violates the intellectual property rights without the permission of the company.


You, as a visitor and/or a user, must not take any action that will affect the normal use, security and integrity of the website or making false messages in order to disguise the facts or disguise the identity of the website’s users, trying to access accounts of other website’ users or any actions which obstructs the normal use of the website and/or harm the website and other website users.


If you do any of the above actions that have impacts or the company considers that the said actions may affect the websites or other users of the websites, the company will take legal actions which you will be responsible for any damages arising from the above mentioned actions.


8.      Other requirements.

8.1. Governing law of the terms and conditions. Any sales transaction through the online service of the company and resolution disputes between you and the company regarding the said transaction will be governed by Kingdom of Cambodia laws.

8.2. Waiver. Failure to enforce any of the terms and conditions will not be considered a waiver of the said terms and conditions and will not affect the enforcement of the said terms and conditions in the future.

8.3. Modification. The amendments of these terms and conditions is at the sole discretion of the company. This will be effective when a notification is made or appear on the website. Notices of changes on the website and/or e-mail delivery and/or through online applications are considered as a notification to you and you acknowledge and agree to abide by the said changes.

8.4. Communication and notices. You agree and accept that the communication between you and the company is mainly by electronic methods.    


9.      Limitation of the responsibility of the company. Any online products and services that you purchased or received from the online services of the company will be limited to the value of the products you purchased or services you received only. Unless you will be able to prove to the company without a doubt that the damages exceed the value of the said online products or services.

10.  Report troubles or complaints. The company has provide a customer service center to report troubles or complaints about problems from using the online services of the company. They will find an appropriate solutions for you immediately but if the company unable to proceed the complaint or resolve the troubles you reported immediately, the company will notify the reasons and the expected duration to the complainant through e-mails, applications, websites, social media, or telephone. You can report troubles or complaints via the Call Center Tel (855) 23 977 355 Makro Sen Sok branch, Everyday from 08:00-17:00 hrs./ Tel (855) 63 900 123 Makro Siem Reap, Everyday from 09:00-17:00 hrs.

*** The company reserves the right to limit the amount of products purchases, promotional activity coupons or other digital data as stated in the company's online services without prior notice if there is a change ***